Executive Director


Hoang Murphy is the Founder/Executive Director of Foster Advocates, a social venture that aims to improve the child welfare system in Minnesota by providing advocacy, policy, and organizing with former foster care recipients and impacted communities.

A former high school English teacher and debate coach in Baltimore, he has seen the importance of amplifying student and family voices. Hoang also has had the honor of serving as the 2016-2017 Public Policy Fellow with the United States Department of Education in the last year of the Obama Administration.

As a former foster care recipient he knows that children and families must, and absolutely can, have a seat at the policymaking table. At Foster Advocates, he works to ensure that those most impacted by current inequities have a voice in making decisions and crafting solutions. Hoang is a native of Greater Minnesota and is a proud first-generation college graduate, with a B.A. from Syracuse University, where he majored in Policy Studies, and a M.S., Ed. from the Johns Hopkins University. In his spare time, he likes to brag about the Eastside of St. Paul, cook, and lament about the Minnesota Timberwolves.